Manicure & nail treatments

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Manicure & nail treatments

We offer Bio Sculpture gel nail treatment:

Bio Sculpture Gel is a gel system for extension and enhancement of the natural nails.

Bio Sculpture Gel is a real organic system, that does not destroy the natural nail.

Bio Sculpture Gel is odor-free, flexible system, which can move together with your nails while growing out.

Bio Sculpture Gel can be completely dissolved during removing.

Bio Sculpture Gel requires minimal maintenance.

This unique gel is a colored overlay of your natural nails, which looks like a permanent polish. It is an advanced nail treatment that repairs and strengthens nails. This flexible gel moves together with your natural nails and protects them from being broken.

We offer a wide selection of Manicure, Pedicure services and Paraffin treatments for both men and women. We use the best products available on the market, both in terms of artificial nails and manicure. If you want a very natural look, we have several varieties of white and natural colors. If you prefer something more creative, we can make all kinds of decorations for you. We can offer two new things in Denmark:

* Bio Sculpture gel - permanent color and repair of your nails.

* Manicure and "Cat's eye gel polish".

More and more people nowadays choose wellness, beauty and body care. That is why nobody should forget how important our hands and nails are. Your nails are your business card. It is important to be a good -looking from head to toe.

At Beauty Salon “Gold Panther” one of our dreams came true.

Now we are happy to offer our clients Eyelash Extensions. Lashes that we use have a very high quality.

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