Beauty Salon Gold Pantera præsenterer Midase Clinic

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Beauty Salon Gold Pantera præsenterer Midase Clinic

Midase clinic offers microneedle, filler and Botox treatments that help improve appearance and / or eliminate signs of aging.

  • Our professional specialist offers exceptional performance in these areas.
  • Our advanced treatments are designed and adapted to meet everyone's needs
    and solve challenging problems.
  • Our treatments are performed by therapists who have good experience and are
    registered with the Danish Agency for Patient Safety.

Price List for filler treatment

Touch up 1200,-
Lip enlargement 2000,-
Smile wrinkles (Nasolabial) 2200,-
Kindben fra 2200,-
Tear Trough 2200,-
Chin fra 2200,-
Face lift fra 2200,-
Microneedle treatment 1000,- (treatment lasts about 45 minutes.)

Price list for Botox

Forehead lines 1200,-
Frown lines (Glabella) 1200,-
Crow’s feet ( around the eyes ) 1200,-
Masseter 2200,-
Tightening of jaw line 1200,-
Platysme (heavy collar) 1500,-
Smoking Wrinkles (lipstick lines ) 500,-
Gummi smile 500,-
Smoking Wrinkles (lipstick lines ) 500,-
Chin 500,-
Bunny lines (nosebuds) 500,-
Eyebrow lift 500,-
Downturned mouth 500,-
Excessive sweating treatment in underarms or Hand 3200,-