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Beauty Salon Gold Pantera offers a number of waxing procedures in a nice and relaxing atmosphere. We specialise in Brazilian waxing using Lycon Hotwax.

For many women Brazilian has become a part of their daily routine. The procedure is not complicated but it must always be performed professionally.

In Beauty Salon Gold Pantera we have selected the wax offered by Australian company called Lycon, being a leading manufacturer of this type of products on the market. Lycon hotwax is extraordinarily delicate for your skin thanks to which waxing is the most effective method of hair removal, causing the least discomfort.

Our employees took part in a professional training session organised by Lycon Danmark, thanks to which we can offer waxing signed by Lycon with Lycon Signature to our customers, that is procedures carried out 100% using the method developed by Lycon which guarantees excellent results in every case.

Lycon waxing differs from any other waxing methods with e.g. using Lycon pre-waxing oil which prevents hair sticking to skin. Pre-waxing oil protects the skin thanks to which your skin will not be irritated.

Lycon Hotwax is able to remove even hairs 1 mm in length and it does not have to be heated to high temperatures. Moreover, Lycon hotwax can be applied in the same place even 5-6 times without any irritation caused by heat and without any skin tear-off.

All this makes Lycon waxing a very pleasant and virtually painless experience, making it possible to obtain lasting effects. While waxing, hygiene is of utmost importance which is why we use disposable gloves, spatulas and protective chair backing.

Waxing is an effective method leaving your skin smooth and silk soft. The procedure effects last for 4-6 weeks as this is the time required for your hair to grow back (to reach the length of about 5 mm). Before you come to the procedure, ensure ALL your hairs are at least 5 mm long. If the hairs are longer than 1 cm (for bikini area) you should cut or trim them at home before the waxing procedure to get the best result. Most customers who regularly (about once a month) undergo the waxing procedure notice that only about 25% fewer hairs grow back and those growing are softer and thinner.


  • bikini 250,*
  • tanga 275,*
  • brazilian 399,*
  • half legs 299,-*
  • full legs 399,-*
  • half legs and bikini 450,-*
  • half legs and tanga 499,-*
  • half legs and Brazilian 575,-*
  • full legs and bikini 600,-*
  • full legs and tanga 650,-*
  • full legs and Brazilian 699,-*

*15% within 4 weeks


  •  chest 275,-*
  • mave 275,-*
  • back 425,-*
  • half back 275,-*
  • arms 325,-*
  • armpits 200,- *
  • chin 135,-
  • upper lip 125,-
  • upper lip and chin 200,-*
  • all face 315,-*

And here is a couple of advice on how to prepare for waxing:

The day before waxing you should exfoliate your skin and moisture it with a body lotion. Avoid sun the day before and after waxing.

To avoid hair ingrowing, we recommend exfoliating your skin several times a week using Lycon Body Exfoliator and a daily application of a body lotion. If your hairs grow in anyway, use Lycon Ingrowing Spray every day. You should apply it in the morning and evening on a clean skin.

If you have any questions concerning waxing, please phone us – we will explain all your doubts!


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